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TOUR: my homemade home office

Bonjour, friends. Fresh office inspo to fuel your work-from-home dreams headed your way...

It all started with an old hand-me-down dresser, whose glossy wood stain was chipped in the corners, its brass hardware stained with age. My parents happily shoved it into the back of my minivan when I said I could do something artistic to revive the piece...

Challenge: accepted.

A few cans of spray paint and some toxic fumes later, et voilà! French provincial lovely. Here's how I did it.

But then, a problem. My cutesy new dresser à la vanille only made the rest of the room look... très drab.

So, I did what I do best: I went shopping.

First, I ordered FOUR bottles of off-white paint samples from The Home Depot. I'm glad I did too - a couple were too green and one was too pink (though they all looked exactly the same online). I ended up with BEHR's premium plus matte formula in Lively White.

I picked up these drapes from Homegoods - though you can find blue velvet drapes from just about anywhere.

This writing desk is from Target and is unfortunately already sold out. But you too, can find one just like it. Just search "solid wood writing desk" on Google and you'll find one. Promise.

I don't like poly-plastic-whatever furniture, hence the solid wood desk. I also chose a real leather armchair that is obscenely uncomfortable, so I won't even give you the link for it.

I never sit at this desk. I should just get a more comfortable chair, but this one was too expensive. My pride can't afford to replace it. But don't get your feelings hurt, chair. It's not you, it's me. I sit with my legs folded underneath me. Indian-style, as they used to say (I'm not sure what the politically correct alternative is - but insert that nomenclature here). This chair just doesn't work for my preferred seating position.

And now, the pièce de résistance... the S-H-A-G rug! This 5-foot ivory shag rug is perfection. It only took me five months to decide which one I wanted. There's no sheen to it, which was important to me. The weave is dense and soft. And it's so cute, eh?

Throw in a couple of très chic poufs, a few pops of color via pillows and some art, and a mirror to open up the space... and W-O-W. I'm so here for this. Cozy corner for one. Or two... ;)

And now... a proud mama moment. I've kept this plant alive for almost six months now. Is it this cute vase or is it my mad mothering skills? The latter, obviously.

Well, that's it. I hope you like. I sure do - the freshness of this space brings me such joy, and it was ridiculously easy to pull together.

Go forth, now, dear friend:

Create your creating space! And do share the pics, please. Tag me @mamakateknowsbest so I can see what you did.


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