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Why are we separating thousands of innocent children from their families?

I'm a big fan of ignoring problems. Humans, in general, are pretty good at that. But this is just too much. I have to get this out...

I don't know exactly where to begin. All I know is that our country, our culture, is becoming so inefficient, so hateful, so unbelievably incapacitated that we can't even protect innocent children.

I'm not okay with that. Are you? Or are you going to keep vehemently dismissing the issues as if they aren't as bad as the "fake news" pundits claim?

I've avoided most political discussions since a certain divisive presidential election, but this is beyond politics, isn't it? Is this not a humanitarian issue? Aren't we even a little bit afraid that these kids will grow up with such horror and hate in their hearts that they seek revenge in the form of terrorism? Anyone? HELLO?! Bueller?

Here's the thing, there is never going to be one solution that works for everyone. There will always be arguing. But as adults, we should be responsible for talking through our issues and compromising. Instead, have we chosen to draw a deep line in the sand, or worse, pretend like the issues don't even exist.

And how, I wonder, did it come to be that 535 adults can sit in congress and childishly refuse to compromise?

Let's say you and your husband vehemently disagree about sports. Should Little Johnny play football? Dad says no, Mom says yes. Are you just going to fight with one another, take stabs at the decisions you made in the past and refuse to make a decision at all? Will you draft a four-hundred page legal document about it, give your spouse three hours to read it, then demand he make a decision? Will you let Little Johnny just wonder forever whether he'll get to play ball? Of course you won't. Because you're adults.

Sure, law-writing has far more severe implications than such family matters. BUT STILL. Be adults.

I wonder, too, in this age of technology, of social media, why aren't we more aware of the daily workings of the government? We are in charge of who sits in these seats, yet we have no idea what these people are actually doing... if anything at all. I'll tell you what they probably aren't doing - reading in detail a 600-page bill, of which they get thousands in a year. Would you?

I obviously don't have a solution, I just know I'm angry. Angry that our issues keep getting more serious, yet law-writing hasn't become more simplified. Angry that it's affecting little people who have no way to defend themselves. Angry that politicians are attempting to shield us from the real issues so they can push their own agendas.

Check out this nonsense. From the AJC:

On Monday, [Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen] Nielsen gave a fierce defense of the prosecution policy, insisting that the government's aim is to protect children. She said the number of adults and children arriving at the border who fraudulently claimed to be a family group rose 314 percent between October 2017 and February, without specifying the number of cases.

Always do the math, people. 314% sounds like a lot - but it's an increase of 145 cases. Out of 70,000. That's not even statistically significant.

In other words, we're detaining THOUSANDS of children, and the white house is defending these actions because a handful - less than a third of one percent - came in without their real family members.

Here's the math behind the 314% (again from the AJC):

A Homeland Security official later said the agency detected 46 such fraud cases during the government's 2017 fiscal year, or about .06 percent of the more than 70,000 families taken into custody. The figure rose to 191 during the first five months of the current fiscal year.

PEOPLE. Let's stop the political bullshit and fix this madness. Call your representatives, your senators. Ask for solutions. Offer solutions. Donate to a cause you believe in. Volunteer your time. Just do something.

These are kids. If you're okay with detaining children in a horrific way, at least make sure there's a clear way to get them back to their families.

This is America.


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