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Our photoshoot for OshKosh B'gosh!

Anyone ever try to get three kids under five to smile at one time and manage to get yourself in the picture? If you succeeded, you're going to have to provide proof, because I don't think it can be done.

Even so, we had so much fun trying! It's not often that we can get everyone together - in coordinating outfits, no less - for family pictures.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the shoot. This one showcases our family dynamic - Shane giggling with delight while Alexa dotes, and Parker happy as a clam to have everyone together.

Of course we ended up having quite a few outtakes. Er, hundreds of outtakes, actually.

This was my favorite outtake... wait for it...

Look at Shane's face! This pretty much sums up his feelings about the day.

"Why exactly are we doing this?"

Here's another cute outtake... baby shoes are so darn hard to keep on a wiggling baby, aren't they?

This next one is my absolute FAVORITE picture from the shoot. That's my man, Brian - aka @3kidsandchill - holding my little man, Shane - aka, CUTEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! Look at his darling OshKosh outfit!

There's nothing quite like a father's love, amiright?

Alexa hilariously started dance-posing toward the end of our photoshoot. Such spunk, that one has.

This one made it into OshKosh's Father's Day email! Eek!

Thanks, OshKosh for the adorable clothes!

Happy Father's Day, everyone!


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