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Procrastinate much?

My dad's not getting his Father's Day gift until Tuesday, even though I've been thinking about it for weeks.

Procrastination is a life gift that's often mistaken as a character flaw. You see, I do my best work under pressure. I think many people are the same way. I'm not sure I've ever not procrastinated.

In college, I usually wrote my papers the day they were due, and I almost always got an A+. I had good intentions when the project was assigned, I'd do the research required right away and start getting ready to write - that would take a couple of hours. But then I'd wait, without fail, until there were mere hours remaining before the deadline. I'd write from a stream of consciousness, re-read and edit it once or twice before rushing to class to turn it in.

Since I graduated, I've chosen fast-paced retail marketing jobs, because that's the environment I thrive in. Oh, you want that report this afternoon? Done. Need to whip up a marketing plan to counteract a competitor's move? I've got you.

Though constant procrastination has it's down sides too. For one thing, when there's no deadline, there's no doing. I've been trying to design my basement office for five months now, and I keep putting off buying the materials I need for it, simply because I have too much time on my hands. Every time I look at desks, or flooring options, or wall decor - my mind wanders for hours at all the possibilities. I guess I need to just set a deadline for myself and get it done.

You also lose out on options when you procrastinate as much as I do. Because I ordered my dad's Father's Day gift so late, I only had a few delivery options to choose from. I had ideas for super thoughtful, handmade gifts. But no, I had to go and procrastinate.

So today, I'm vowing to start being more proactive. Starting tomorrow.


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