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Five last minute gift ideas for dad

Are you the ultimate procrastinator, like I am? If so, you probably haven’t even thought about Father’s Day… Well newsflash, honey-chicky-babe, it’s coming up this. weekend.

Worry not, there are plenty of great last minute gift ideas that he is sure to love. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Baseball game tickets – nothing says “I love you, Dad” more than the great American pastime of baseball. Grab a couple matching ballcaps, throw some tickets into a card (or print a screenshot of the eTicket, because who does paper tickets anymore?), and voila! Father’s Day done.

2. Food – if sport-watching isn’t your dad’s thing, or if you don’t have the luxury of living close to your pops, then food is your next best bet. It is the fastest way to a man's heart, isn't it?

I have two clear favorites: Edible Arrangements - who has stores all over and has same day delivery available in many zip codes - and Goldbely - who has the best selection of EVERYTHING. You can select from almost any food genre you can imagine from thousands of restaurants around the country. In the mood for some New York style pizza? Got it. Deep dish? Check. Apple pie? Yup.

If you hurry, there’s still time for overnight delivery. But if you’re smart, you print out a picture of the food you ordered him, stick it in a card, and tell him it’s on the way! Boom, boatload of delivery fees - saved.

You don’t have to feel bad about procrastinating, you are your father's daughter...

If you are lucky enough to see your dad this Father’s Day, grab a dozen hot donuts and call it a day. Who doesn’t love freshly baked donuts?

3. Golf stuff – most dads conveniently love golf. And golf, conveniently, requires a lot of equipment. I got my husband a new set of matte red golf balls this year. Their flashy – he likes flashy things – and they’re more fun than boring white ones. But they were super cheap, relatively speaking, and he will love them. Done and done. You could also get club head covers, new golf shoes, and or my personal favorite – a gift certificate for a few rounds at his fave course.

4. Movie passes – most dads love spending time with their kids, so a movie pass is the perfect way to give that gift of time. Especially useful if you’ve been trying to ignore an awkward conversation… hey, no judgment here.

5. A framed picture of his favorite kiddos / grandkids. What? I didn’t say these were all good ideas.

Whatever you decide, in the very least make sure you tell Dad why he’s special and how appreciated he is. It’s hard work being a dad, and contrary to popular belief, Dad often does know best.


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