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Dear Target, my love.

If I could just peek into your mind and figure you out...

If you'd stop manipulating me every time we're together...

If I could break my addiction to you...

I'd be rich.

Rest assured, my darling red circles. That's never going to happen.

Anticipation pulses throughout my body each time I step through your gliding doors. I don't know what I'll end up buying, but I know it'll fill me with joy.

Accompanying each item I drop into my red cart are feelings of pride achieved by finding a killer deal, visions of a very clean and healthy house, and an overall sense optimism.

What's is your secret? C'mon... spill.

You're like the cool kid at school that everyone's in love with; you're totally approachable, always nice, and exude effortless style.

You really deliver on the fashion front. Amazing finds and killer steals.

First, you have Who What Wear. I mean, C'MON?! Who What Wear is icon status. Add in a little dash of your Targét magic and... BAM. Fashion dreams realized.

Take this saucy red number, for example.

You can't even see its full glory in my Shane + mama selfie, but trust... you killed it with this silhouette. Well, you and Who What Wear, obvi.

Thirty bucks.

Just do the math: I'll wear this 30 times this summer, so cost-per-wear is just one itty-bitty buck.

Brilliant, Target. Brilliant.

You're addictive, and I always want more. Luckily for me (or, to my downfall?) you always deliver.

You showed me a new day. Literally. Your new "A New Day" line is pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Thanks to you, I can maintain my I-work-at-Nordstrom style and my budget.

Seriously, how are you that good?

I strive to achieve the balance you've mastered. You offer exactly the right number of options in precisely the categories I need, not just in fashion, but in soap, food, duct tape, toothbrushes, beauty, dog food, and useless crap. Somehow, you make me want - nay, need - to buy all the things you sell.

Nice work, Target.

You even sell lawn chairs. I bought this surprisingly comfortable option for a cool $30. Variable incline, nice little adjustable pillow, and low-sitting to the ground for the ultimate in portable lounging comfort. All with backpack straps and a pouch for all my beach-trekking adventures. Again, brilliant!

I digress...

I'm not sure I tell you this enough: I love you.

I love you, even when you manipulate me. I love how you offer me a Starbucks when I didn't even know I wanted one. I love your collabs with Chip & Joanna Gaines and the modern yet approachable home line Project 62. I love splurging that ten bucks on Kristen Ess leave-in conditioner because OMIGOD it smells that good.

You know me better than I know myself, and I look forward to spending many, many happy days in your aisles.

Forever yours, Mama Kate


PS: I forgot to mention the wine. Yes way, rosé!

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