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F*ck/ng Curse Words

I'm a big fan of swear words. My favorite word du jour is the one that rhymes with buck. I know, right? Mom-of-the-Year, over here.

However, much to my chagrin, society still deems curse words unacceptable in family environments. I mean, c'mon... isn't it hilarious when a three-year-old drops an F bomb? Go ahead, try not to laugh.

I remember the first time my oldest daughter said the F word.

She'd just stubbed her toe, and it hurt a lot. I get it, I probably did the same exact thing last week. She's just mimicking me, after all. In her little mind, this is how people are supposed to behave (and although I tend to agree, I must. teach. manners.)

​My younger daughter is a different story. Her first swear word was g'dammit (she did not learn that from me, to be perfectly clear). But that's not the worst part. You see, this little one swears because she knows it's bad. I know this to be true because I've heard her swear under her breath or when she thinks I'm not listening. She wouldn't hide it from me if she didn't think it was bad. My oldest said it out loud because she thought it was a normal word. My Little Rebel, on the other hand... lord, help me. I fear the day she turns 13... luckily, that's still a decade away.

My last little one's a mere 10 months old, and the only word he knows is Mama (smart man). I don't know what he's going to be like yet - respectful? Rebellious? Funny? We'll see. His little personality is still blooming, and I'm soaking up every minute of it.

Oh, Wise Mamas, how do you handle swearing? Free-range parenting would deem you let the kiddos speak their minds. Conservative parenting, on the other hand, calls for quite a different approach. I find myself somewhere in the middle. No matter where you fall on the scale - someone thinks you're doing it wrong.

Worry not, mama. You do you. Your kids will be fine. I think...



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