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Things are different now.

​Oh, pre-Mom life. How envious I am of the naiveté, the sheer bliss of it all.

Things are different now. In stark contrast to my go-where-I-wanted-when-I-wanted 20s, my 30s have been a stay-tied-down-literally kind of decade.

I thought a little comparison of then and now would be fun, so here goes.


20s: I didn't know a damn thing about office politics, or humility, or marketing... but working really hard to get really far in my career was MY. THING. Sure, I wasn't good at it starting out, but I put in 60+ hours a week to try and get there. I had big career goals - Manage a Bunch of People. Make a Bunch of Money.

30s: I'm damn good at my job. But I despise going to work each day. I work the minimum 40 hours required and do it only for the health insurance. I make plenty of money, but don't care because I spend entirely too much time at work.


20s: Cradles child awkwardly: "is this how you hold a baby?" Puts diaper on backwards: "I'm a great babysitter."

30s: I have three children. I have no idea what I'm doing.


20s: "Let's go to CABO!"

30s: "I can't go to Cabo with you."


20s: I worked out four, sometimes five times a week. And I hated every minute of it.

30s: I work out four, maybe five times a year, and I still hate every minute of it. But now, I hate myself more for not making time for it.


20s: My BAE. Friends' birthdays, prepping for friends weddings and bachelorette parties. Vacations. Exercising. Road trips. Visiting extended family. Saving for retirement. Parties. Girls’ trips. Manicures. Pedicures.

30s: Husband. Children. There's no time for anything else.


20s: Whenever I wanted.

30s: When I'm dead, perhaps.


20s: HOUSE PARTY! Let's get super drunk.

30s: HOUSE PARTY! Let's put the kids down then get a little drunk.


20s: "Who are you dating now? How's work?"

30s: "How are your children? You wouldn't believe what little Johnny did with his dirty diaper today..."


20s: Only the laciest, most colorful styles would do for my perky little boobs.

30s: Whatever is cleanest for my saggy little boobs.


20s: Oh, so many.

30s: Not a damn one.


20s: Vacations

30s: Every day with my kids.

Sure. things are different now. But would I change a thing? You couldn't pay me to. My family and my friends are my lifelines, and I do it all to spend more time with them. Life in your thirties is tricky, especially with three kids under the age of five. But I have my whole life left, and things are only going to get better from here. That, my friends, is a good news story.



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