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I bought these at Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. They're back to full price, but go ahead and add these beauties to your wish list... they are gorgeous IRL.

I got the frames for them here.

Decor Crushing: office edition

I recently wrote about how easy it was to start blogging, but I can't lie, the right environment makes all the difference in the world. Here are some of my favorite pieces from Nordstrom, Amazon, and Target, handpicked just for you. Go forth, friends, and create your own dreamy, happy office.

Perdana Desk.jpg

Reg: $199.99 Save $40.00 (20% off)


on sale!

buff throw.jpg


Lightweight and perfect for chilly basement offices, like mine.

Do you see the hidden message_ 😂 It’s n

Click any image to shop!

wall mirror.jpg


on sale!

Reg: $150 (33% OFF!)



I try to keep my obsessing to 15 minutes or less...

milan shag rug.jpg
thankful sign.jpg


I cannot believe I found this wall sign for under $10. Go me!


I'm a bit indecisive when I make ANY purchase, and I kid you not when I say I searched the web high and low for the perfect shag rug. Not shiny, densely weaved, mid-pile... and most importantly soft (I have VERY sensitive skin and cannot do scratchy fibers like wool). THIS. IS. IT. Look no more. I read all the reviews and did all the research so you don't have to. Buy it, trust me.

The 5-footer can be yours for $80 or go bigger at at 7 feet of shag for $150.

Snoozer the fox not included...

Nap-Worthy Shag

I've adorned my office space with not one, not two, but THREE poufs. Can you blame me?




blue pouf.jpg


My circular pouf is sold out - but I love this shape even more and so wish this was available when I was first pouf shopping...

This sturdy little pouf doubles as a handy foot perch while I'm sitting at my desk.


Reg: $89 (25% OFF!)

furry pouf.jpg


3" wide. The plant is real and also on Amazon! Click here to order the same Zebra Haworthia pictured here.



Faux Fur

foot pouf.jpg
find your truth.jpg

If these walls could talk... oh, wait, they can! Find your mantra and let your walls remind you what you're doing all of this for.


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