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Mama Kate Recommends... Essie's NEW Gel Couture Nail Polish + Topcoat

If you're anything like me, carving out time to get to the nail salon can prove tricky, to say the least. A few weeks ago, I casually scooped up a couple of these new bottles of Essie, noticing their claim to be "gel" nail polish. I'm so glad I did...


Just like regular nail polish, you paint the color on first, followed by the topcoat. No lamp needed.

I have to say, this formula ROCKS! Before, my self-painted nails chipped within three days 100% of the time. These lasted nearly a week, and may have even lasted longer had I not wanted a polish change before the beach. It gets better. All I had to do to remove the polish was use REGULAR nail polish remover. No soaking. I'm so impressed!

No lamp.

No soaking.

Just fab nails.

Don't forget the top coat... that's the magic!

Amazon has almost all the colors, but I recommend starting with this duo to save money on the topcoat.

Mama Kate Recommends... Dr. Dennis Gross's Universal Daily Peel


I have extraordinarily sensitive skin that totally wigged out when I got pregnant. Hyperpigmentation, melasma, "The Mask of Pregnancy," call it what you want. I call it a pain in my ass. These universal daily peels by Dr. Dennis Gross are one of the first products I've tried that actually seem to to help peel away those pigments and deliver a more balanced skin tone.



In my before, you'll see the super red pigmentation going on in the high cheek area, but the after shows overall more even tone. And this is only after FIVE daily peels! I can't wait to see the continued progress.

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what beauty product should i try next? Send me your ideas... I'll try it for you and post the results for the world to see!


I show you my trick for making your lipstick last ALL. DAY.

PS - this color is "The Queen" and can be found here.

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